8th District (Josefstadt)

The 8th district, Josefstadt, is the smallest district in Vienna. Here you can experience a quality of life, which is otherwise nowhere to be offered. On the few streets and the green oases, you will find a colorful mix and richness of detail. Despite the good public transport links, it is worth walking through the district – it does not even take too long.


The 8th district has its own “Josefstädter Flair”

In this district you will find the true treasures of architecturally impressive side streets. Let yourself be guided through various impressions through the street and enjoy the unique flair that this district has to offer for you. Various guest gardens invite you to a cozy get-together in fair weather. Traditional cafés such as Café Hummel, which is located on Josefstädterstraße, must also be visited. Here you can directly experience a historical mood, which causes a deceleration of the otherwise usually so stressful everyday life.


A unique treat through a wide range of offers

Not only the beautiful Café Hummel is worth visiting, also Tunnel Vienna, as well as the unique Italian restaurant Il Sestante reflect the enjoyable versatility and the true uniqueness of the district. In the Volksmuseum you will find a special mix of permanent exhibitions and varied special exhibitions, which vary completely in their subject matter. There you will also find the Café Hildebradt, which invites you to linger with a small guest garden.

With various tram lines, bus stations and the proximity to metro stations, you can enjoy permanent flexibility within the district. In addition, the town hall is very close, so you can quickly get to the downtown area of the city and explore all sides of Vienna!


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8th District
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