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City Apartment Vienna

The best City Apartment in Vienna – find your perfect location from our offer of serviced Apartments. We guarantee you the most beautiful Apartments in prime locations. Explore Vienna on your own and experience independence and privacy like never before.

The Austrian capital not only offers a diverse intellectual and cultural heritage, but also impresses with architectural masterpieces such as the St. Stephen’s Cathedral or imperial palaces such as the Schönbrunn Palace. Enjoy the Viennese quality of life through our serviced Apartments, an independence that hotels usually cannot offer and the unforgettable feeling of comfort and exclusivity. Further, you will rediscover our attention to detail in every of our apartments from room to room. That is why we can offer you a home away from home!


city apartment vienna


Unique furniture in every City Apartment in Vienna

We design with heart and soul. Therefore, we hand-pick every single piece of our furniture. Our serviced Apartments are fully equipped so you can enjoy a high-end feeling of quality and pleasure. We stand behind each of our City-Center Apartments in Vienna with passion and commitment. The selection is perfect for a night that ends after an exploration tour of the city. Also, there is nothing lacking in our basic equipment. From the hairdryer to the coffee machine, with us you will find a temporary home with feel-good potential!


Centrally located serviced Apartments

Our City-Center Apartments are located right in the heart of Vienna! You can easily reach many of the sights on foot and explore the big city on your own. Furthermore, you enjoy lasting flexibility due to the proximity to public transport and the well-developed infrastructure.


Your perfect Stay

Your satisfaction and your wishes are important to us. Above all, at Grand Quarters, you are going to experience a dedicated and personalized service that is tailored to your needs. We do not work with external services and define our motivation through patience, responsibility and excellent teamwork!


Get in touch with us personally or search right here on our website for a City Apartment in Vienna that meets your needs!

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