14th District (Penzing)

The 14th district, Penzing is also known as Hütteldorf among citizen of Vienna. It is located outside the big city hustle and is nevertheless in a unique and good location. Almost half of the district is covered by the Wienerwald, which offers an idyll of naturalness and a unique quality of life.


The 14th district is the place, where nature is home

Not only the Wienerwald gives a cozy flair to nature, also the extensive Steinhofgründe are perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the park. The facilities are not only suitable for pleasant walks, but also for extended jogging rounds. However, you will not only find green-area oases here. Among other things, sights such as the technical museum or the Ernst-Fuchs Museum are worth a visit. Also, the Laudon Castle and the Hohe Wand Wiese provide a great basis for an eventful day in Vienna.

In addition, the magnificent Belvedere Palace borders directly on the 14th district, allowing you to visit the Schönbrunn Zoo and other sights! The beautiful palm house is also a must see.


Versatile offers

You should not underestimate the gastronomic hotspots of the 14th district. The Velobis cycling café, for example, invites you to a cozy get-together in its urban-industrial design. Several other restaurants such as the Yume already have cult status within this district. Of course, we must not forget the austrian cuisine! These are the places where you will experience old-established Viennese atmosphere first-hand!

In Penzing you will find not only smaller train stations, but also various tram lines, bus stations and the last station of the U4. So, you can enjoy lasting flexibility and, among other things, get to the downtown area in an uncomplicated way.


If you are looking for a quiet location, surrounded by beautiful nature and unique views, then the 14th district is the right place for your stay! Get in touch with us directly or simply book your dream apartment in your dream area on our website!

List of Apartments in the 14th district @Grand Quarters

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14th District
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