10th District (Favoriten)

The 10th district, Favoriten, is a forgotten and underrated treasure of Vienna. It is not only spacious, but just as diverse. From the famous “Tichy” ice cream parlor to the “Böhmischer Prater” or the Thermal Spa Oberlaa – here you will find one hotspot after another. In addition, the district offers a well-developed infrastructure, so that you can enjoy lasting flexibility.


The 10th district is more diverse than any other

From the urban hustle and bustle to the relaxing Thermal Spa Oberlaa – Favoriten is suitable for any day trip. The Twin Towers in the 10th district is among other popular destinations for a diverse culinary offering and the Cineplexx cinema. The indoor pool “Amalienbad” also has its own flair and is considered one of the most beautiful bathhouses in Vienna. The glass roof provides it with natural light and the magnificent architecture reminds of the ambience of the old times. This is not the only spot for various sauna offers, also the well-known thermal spa in Oberlaa invites you to a relaxing day trip in which all worries can be forgotten.

Favoriten also has its own cultural area: the Brotfabrik Vienna. The gallery “ostlicht” there regularly organizes exhibitions and provides a large repertoire of specialist books for the art of photography.

The “Böhmische Prater” is ideal for outdoor activities. This is a small amusement park on the outskirts of Vienna. Many of the ride attractions are already 100 years old and still delight children and adults. The Wienerbergteich is also a good tip for a relaxing walk or a small swimming round, the small idyll resembles a green oasis. In addition, the Wienerberg is a beautiful nature reserve.


The Tichy and much more

The Tichy is one of Vienna’s most famous ice cream parlors, where the “Eismarillenknödel” were invented. In addition to the classic ice cream parlor, there is also a large variety of special pleasures in the 10th district. Among other things, the restaurant “Gugumuck”, a Viennese snail factory with garden bar. Also, the “Iki” is very well known in the Favoriten – a unique Asian cuisine.


The Quality of Life in Vienna in the 10th District

Favoriten not only has a lot to offer itself, but thanks to the well-developed road network and the underground line U1, you can not only get quickly to the outskirts of the city, but also quickly to the first district, the city center of Vienna.

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