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Long-Term Apartments

Are you looking for a way to live temporary in Vienna? You will find the right solution here on Grand Quarters! With our wide range of long-term apartments right in the downtown area, you will be able to experience Vienna’s quality of life first-hand!

We are passionate about designing and equipping our long-term apartments. That is why our offer is ideal for your stay in Vienna. This saves you a long search for accommodation, furnishing and time limits. You will be able to experience a unique feeling of independence and privacy! Not only that, you will find a temporary home with feel-good potential. Our apartments are fully equipped, from towels to dishes, to the coffee machines and the washing machine. There is nothing lacking in our basic equipment.


Fully furnished

You will rediscover our attention to detail room by room. Furthermore, our offer is defined by exclusive furniture, each of which has been hand-picked and placed. Whether you come back home from a long day at work or from an exciting tour in Vienna, in our serviced apartments you will find the relaxation you need. Because of our included high-speed WiFi, our apartments are also perfect as a home office!


Great location

You enjoy permanently flexibility. Our long-term apartments are close to the public transport network and surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure. In addition, all of them are close to the downtown area, so you can easily explore Vienna on your own. Also, you can even reach many sights on foot!


Dedicated Service

Your satisfaction and your needs are important. Also, our priorities are tailored to your wishes, enabling us to provide you a personal and dedicated service. Furthermore, we do not use external services. We define our motivation by characteristics such as teamwork, integrity and patience.


Contact us right now or search on our website for your perfect long-term apartment.

List of Long-Term Apartments @Grand Quarters